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Faux Fan was created when a need arose. As a small team of shy poopers we’ve tried it all. Concealing every bathroom noise possible by running the faucet, playing music, coughing, anything that we could to dampen the sound of those solo-performances. When we bought our first home we were ecstatic, the bathrooms had really noisy exhaust fans. It didn’t conceal much but this was the closest thing to bathroom privacy that we thought was available.

Fast forward about three months and we came home to find my father replacing the loud exhaust fan with a new ultra quiet one. Anxious about our soon-to-be quiet bathroom experiences we begged for the noisy fan to be put back in. Unfortunately for us it was rendered inoperable.

We loved that noisy fan.

After much research we were surprised to discover how many individuals have issues with sounds leaving the bathroom. New relationships, shy individuals, private individuals, college dorm students, senior dating, party goers, dinner parties, meeting future in-laws, wedding party, the Holiday season. The list goes on.

Thus the start of Faux Fan; the Original Bathroom Noise Canceling Device.

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