Why we’re different than a bathroom exhaust fan

Kallie Ricker

Is your bathroom exhaust fan cutting it, when you’re.. cutting the cheese?

My fiancé and I have been together for 10 years, we’ve had quite a few shared spaces including a 500 square foot apartment, a half dozen rentals all built in varying decades and now, our beautiful and current home. You can imagine as a couple of shy poopers that we were both beyond stoked to finally have really noisy bathroom exhaust fans. Something else that the 500 square foot apartment lacked. 

Fast forward to my fiancé coming home from work, looking into our bathroom and seeing only his future father-in-laws’ kneecaps. “Pass the drill would ya!” he yells from atop a ladder. In much discontent I receive a rapid fire of texts explaining how my father took on the task of replacing the noisy fan with a very, very quiet one. There was some name calling, a few threats and even more four letter words in those text messages that I won’t repeat here. My fiancé was pissed. He loved that noisy fan. 

For the sake of the family and our future life together we all had a sit down to talk this through. We realized that masking bathroom noises for personal comfort and private necessity was a wanted and needed thing. We also realized that the exhaust fans at the local hardware store were just not going to make the cut. 

Exhaust fans can be costly to install, if you’re even in the position to be able to install one. Bathroom fans are made strictly for their exhaust qualities, meaning moving air up and outward and reducing the humidity from the shower. This has nothing to do with sound masking. Faux Fan on the other hand uses a blend of sound masking frequencies and tones to cover anything that’s going on in the bathroom. Faux Fan weighs less than a smartphone and can fit in the palm of your hand to allow for near universal placement options and ease to travel with. 

The cost to install a new exhaust fan or replace an old one can be a lot to take on. It can also require permits, electricians and cutting larger holes in your ceiling. Renters most likely do not want to spend their own money, if they're even granted the ability from their landlord and older homes might not have an exhaust fan in the first place. New codes require exhaust fans and they are essential to remove wet air that can cause mold. In order to install a new fan or replace an old one you’ll most likely need a general contractor or at least an electrician. You’ll also need to calculate the fan sizing that is appropriate for your space. Since bathroom fans are made strictly for their exhaust qualities, the clanky noise you hear from those loud exhaust fans is actually just the oscillation of the fan and can mean that the fan might not have been installed properly. We ended up finding that one out the hard way! 

When we say Faux Fan is just right, we mean it. Faux Fan creates the goldilocks of volume settings. Not too loud, not too quiet, just right. Faux Fan can be as loud or as quiet as any individual would like. It has sixteen different volume settings to choose from and four different sounds to choose from, including sound masking melodies. Starting at a low comforting whisper and going as loud in decibel readings as a mower, Faux Fan can be both comfortable and wildly effective. It can also pass the flush test which, if you’re not familiar with, is a test we created upon realizing that you can flush the toilet, with the door wide open, while Faux Fan is On and you won’t hear that toilet flush! Faux Fan starts on the last setting, so you know exactly what to expect, every time. 

Not sure where you’re going to put your Faux Fan? We not only match bathroom decor almost seamlessly, we also have near universal placement options. Faux Fan has non-slip feet so it will sit taller than small counter top spills. Place Faux Fan on the toilet tank, vanity counter, outside the bathroom door, the options are endless. You can choose where you’d like to place it depending on your bathroom space and your preference. It’s perfect for travel and comes with its own carrying case, and a wristlet strap so you can hang it on hooks provided in public bathrooms. We also have an upgraded USB glowing LED charging cable that works as a night light for hotel rooms and Airbnb’s that you aren’t familiar with. 

Bathroom exhaust fans do serve a purpose, but are they covering enough for what you need? Designed specifically for air movement, bathroom fans aren’t in the same category as Faux Fan. We’re great to travel with and we have a seriously small footprint. We have plenty of sound options to choose from so you know you’ll find the perfect one for you. So In reality is your bathroom exhaust fan up to snuff? If you’re using it strictly to remove wet air, Yes. If you’re concerned about bathroom noises escaping, then I’m afraid No. You can test out Faux Fan for yourself with our free standard shipping (or if you’re in a hurry, upgrade to 2-day shipping for only $5) and enjoy easy, hassle-free returns! 

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