Save Water, Poop With a Faux Fan

Kallie Ricker

In light of World Water Day, we wanted to share some information about how much water is wasted by trying to cover embarrassing bathroom noises. 

If you follow Faux Fan on Instagram (@thefauxfan) you’ve probably heard us talk about it... We’re passionate about the environment just like we’re passionate about our privacy. Attempting to cover embarrassing bathroom sounds by running the faucet or flushing the toilet can be costly to the environment. In fact, in a study done by Organic Lesson, it was found that close to one in three US adults run the faucet, shower, or flush the toilet while they are in the bathroom in an attempt to cover bathroom noises. We understand that because we used to do it too! Then we decided enough is enough, we don’t have to waste a resource when there are other ways, better ways to mask bathroom noises. 

Organic Lesson also found that these statistics would equate to 353 million gallons of water wasted each day. To put that in perspective that’s the equivalent of filling up 4.4 Million standard-sized bathtubs, or 535 Olympic-sized swimming pools, or 35 Georgia Aquariums which are the largest aquariums in the world. This is no small number, in fact, personal household wasted water costs add up over time as well!

We’re excited to announce that water doesn’t have to be wasted when you want to cover noises coming from the bathroom! Try Faux Fan instead. Faux Fan does a better job by using proven sound masking technology, we’re portable AND were super sleek to match any bathroom decor! 

Join us for World Water Day on March 22nd, 2021 to learn about more ways to save water, raise awareness to those who don’t have access to safe drinking water, and find new ways to tackle the global water crisis. 

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