Unequivocal Truths

Kallie Ricker

Did you know that pooping is good for you?

I’m not sure about you, but I’ve definitely held it in when nature called. Mostly because of the bathroom situation that I had available. At the office, in public, at a friends house and even at my own home when company is over. Ridiculous right?! Turns out this is not only painful but it’s also very unhealthy for your body to miss a round of this very natural function. Now, I’m not saying go in the neighbors yard when the feeling comes but becoming more comfortable going in places that would usually be uncomfortable for you can lead to a much healthier digestive tract. Both Spencer Nadolsky, D.O., and Alison Chen, N.D. agree that if you need to go, you should! 

Now, I’m also not trying to take the place of a doctor or fix any underlying issues, but the biggest set back for me when needing to go to the bathroom is having people hear me go! I feel like that’s pretty common, right?! My hat’s off to you if you don’t worry about this. 

Now that the sh*t talk is out of the way, what’s there to do to help fix my issue?

Don’t let anyone hear you when you need to go. Simple as that. 

Noise masking and noise cancelling systems have been around for a while. Large defence contractors have used them to mask proprietary discussions in their buildings, I’m sure military and government institutions use them to block the spread of top secret information as well. But at what cost? Thousands of dollars are spent installing these systems in office buildings, lots of drilling and wires and time. 

I’m not about to have that set up in my bathroom, so what’s there to do? Get a Faux Fan. Faux Fan is much different than these large systems, while still keeping your top secret information from being heard. It’s small, portable, easily placed in all different bathroom layouts and most importantly it works. 

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