Best Places to Poop

Kallie Ricker

I read an article a few months ago about the best places someone has gone to the bathroom and I thought it was a novel idea to share. Why would we not want to tell others about amazing bathrooms we've experienced. Nothing is worse than an uncomfortable bathroom experience. 

I'm talking about clean bathrooms, one stall-ers, kid friendly, softest toilet paper, no touch sinks and push the door open with your foot on the way out kind of experiences. I think everyone has a certain thing for them to consider a bathroom really nice. I have a few things I look for in a nice bathroom. Single stalls. Doors that go alllll the way to the floor. Napkins I don't have to beg for. A door that swings out to exit. Enough with those cracks in the stalls, walls that barely go past your knees sitting down and those seat covers that don't even try to cover the whole thing. We deserve better. 

So what are my personal top bathrooms in the St. Petersburg, Florida area?

My number one, for obvious reasons would have to be my own. 

Next up is Station House - the co working space. Not only is this space quiet and usually empty almost any time I've been, but if you have a membership or private office within, you can go to the fifth floor. That is where the magic happens. The bathroom is perfectly chilly, two stalls, motion censor lighting, beautiful art work. But most importantly, I have never been in there with another human being. ever. 

Sea Salt St. Pete - a strong competitor. Not only do they have an amazing happy hour but their toilet situation is top notch. The heavy doors go from the floor all the way to the ceiling making it extremely private. They have sea salt and sugar scrubs which leave your hands buttery soft. Their napkins are beautifully folded between the large sinks. They even have a huge mirror to check yourself out in. 10/10 I would recommend both the food and the facilities. 

Ceviche Tapas St. Pete - Again, amazing food. They have an underground salsa bar. Saturday nights they fill (or used to before COVID) up with latin bands and impromptu-ish salsa dancers. BUT every other night, I believe it's closed and empty. The perfect spot to sneak off to if your stomach rumbles during dinner. Go down the back stairs, past the kitchen. Watch the corners for hot tapas on trays getting delivered to hungry mouths. Then enter the oasis of beautiful stone walls, summery mood lighting and full-on privacy. 

The Lure - Great single stall, back of the restaurant bathroom. It does share a wall with a table on the other side. So be careful of that. I suggest bringing a Faux Fan but I haven't tested out the walls thickness.. Also, you do have to walk past half a dozen booths on the way out so if you're nervous about that don't get the bottomless mimosas and limit liquids in general. 

Would not recommend Parks and Rec. St. Pete. The only stall that was working was tiny. No toilet paper holder so it was resting on the toilet tank. The lock did not work. AND there was no soap, even during COVID. Which I thought was a joke because they had signs and sanitizer all over the bar area. Their female bartenders even went into the bathroom and came out like nothing was wrong.. Anyway, this is starting to sound more like a review and complaint so.. I digress. It's a fun place though! 

MacDintons Irish Pub - Not a particularly clean establishment to begin with. My shoes always stick to something on the floor. It's crowded. The bathroom is small, one sink, two stalls and there is always a line. I also don't dislike bathroom attendants but I always feel guilty because I forget about them and never have a dollar to give them when they hand me a paper towel, offer me mouth wash and try to up-sell dollar store flip flops. This particular bathroom is not the place for a bathroom attendant. It if far too small. 


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