Social Distancing

Kallie Ricker

As I write this on Thursday, April 16, 2020 I think all of the readers can remember this time as the time of the COVID 19 quarantine or at least hopefully as the time of social distancing. If you don’t recall this immediately you were probably on Clearwater Beach drinking White Claws a few weeks ago, only to return North and spread the love… I digress. 


I am lucky enough to be spending the quarantine in a house with two bathrooms and approximately forty Faux Fans. A few of my friends in downtown St. Petersburg and near LA and NYC are not as lucky. They have new relationships and new marriages and just one single bathroom in their roughly 600 square foot apartments. There is no longer an open bodega they can hop into to use the bathroom without their loved ones hearing them four feet away. No powder room at the restaurant they can sneak off to when they feel some gas coming on or their stomach starts to rumble after that homemade sushi. Those single stall bathrooms in their office buildings and the fun colored stalls in their cowork space are all closed. They are stuck coming to reality with the fact that everyone does poop, BUT not everyone wants to be heard when they do.


You might be asking why I am glossing over the part where I own forty Faux Fans but at this point in the launch we are testing and retesting and working hard to make everything perfectly seamless and soundless for our users. 

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