Kallie Ricker

Something I found that was very common in the shy-pooper community is the need to cover bathroom sounds. The most common is using the running water in the bathroom to do so. I remember I used to get so upset when I would hear my boyfriend running the faucet or turning the shower on and going to the bathroom before getting in. Which is also just gross.. A stinky, humid bathroom is not my ideal shower scene. 

I’ve even heard that some people flush the toilet while going in order to hide any sound escaping, just to flush again when they're done. The average flush costs the planet a whopping 3 gallons of water.. I’d say that’s a pretty large waste especially when Faux Fan can do it at a low cost to you and no cost to the environment. 

The average shower flows at 2 gallons per minute and the average faucet flows around 1 gallon per minute. I’d say my boyfriend's average poop is about 13 gallons of water. Depending on what he ate for dinner the night before. 

I’m not a massive hippie but I like to save water when I can! Even Barstool Sports, Oprah, Women's Health Magazine, Reddit, and even Urban Dictionary agree that there is a large issue at hand here. 

It just makes sense to stop the nonsense of flushing toilets and running water when we don’t have to. So grab your reusable straw, strap on your Tevas, get in your hybrid and don’t forget to bring your Faux Fan. 

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