Okavango River Delta??

Jon Spiller

There are times in our lives where we are most vulnerable, running through the Okavango River Delta naked, proposing to someone we love, and when we are in the toilet (privy, washroom, loo, crapper, WC, Jon, can, bathroom, sh*tter… you get the picture) Here at Faux Fan we are going to solve all of these problems, well realistically just one of them.

Being in the bathroom can be a vulnerable time and a nerve-racking experience, if you are using the toilet or not. Whether you are negotiating for the prisoners’ release or simply trying to get a huge piece of food dislodged from your teeth before you go back to the dinner party, your time in the bathroom should be private, and that is what we have set out to do(o), keep private time private. By utilizing advanced noise masking technology, we created the Original Faux Fan to mask any noise from inside the bathroom, including flushing the toilet. The only noise that can be heard outside the bathroom is a soothing and unobtrusive mix of noise canceling sounds, similar to that of an oscillating fan. Inside the room however you will be wrapped in a cocoon of confidence and comfort knowing that the noises generated by your Faux Fax are eliminating the noises generated by you before they can reach the ear of anyone outside the bathroom. Lets face it, everybody poops, and while some people are unphased about the noise associated with “liquidating their assets”, for us mere mortals who are slightly embarrassed by the sound of a duck lifting weights, our salvation has arrived in the form of Faux Fan - The Original Noise Cancelling Device.

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